DesignADeck Guide to Deck Cleaning

The key to keeping your timber deck in great looking condition is regular deck maintenance. Over time the timber will weather and gray. This is a natural process but you can maintain and prolong the life of your deck by giving it a thorough clean and applying a stain and timber sealer or decking oil at least once a year. The application of these products will feed, seal and protect the timber, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood and restoring faded or worn surfaces.

Follow this two step process for the best results to keep your deck in pristine condition:

Step One

Clear the deck of any furniture or objects and sweep off any debris.

If you have previously applied a finish & want to apply a different colour stain or the previous finish is flaking or peeling, the old finish will need to be removed before cleaning.

Use an effective deck cleaner such as Liberon Tough Deck Clean & Revive (2 litres). One litre of this product will clean up to 30m² of decking. Make up the cleaning solution as per the manufacturer’s instructions and apply the deck cleaner using a scrubbing brush, stiff broom or deck cleaning applicator. Rinse off well with a hosepipe or watering can & remove excess water using a clean brush. Power washers can be used but care should be taken to prevent stripping the wood. For stubborn marks, reapply a stronger solution of the deck cleaner & rinse as above.

Allow the timber to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours.

Step Two

Apply your chosen deck finish, decking oil or stain and sealer. These are available in a choice of colours including clear which allows the natural colours in the wood to show through.

We recommend Liberon’s Aqua Stop Tough Deck Finish which gives the wood extreme protection from wear and tear and weathering. The 3-in-1 formula provides long lasting colour and a high level of resistance against food, oil & alcohol stains.

Check the deck is clean and dry before application. Apply the product using a brush, roller or paint applicator following the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Second or additional coats may be required depending on the product and absorption of the wood.

Allow the finish to dry thoroughly before using the deck. This may take up to 24 hours.

Deck cleaners and wood maintenance products are available from

If you would prefer to have your deck professionally cleaned & maintained, DesignADeck provide a deck cleaning service. Contact us at or call us on 01274 533311 for more details.